Book review “How to Win Friends and Influence People” Chapter 1 and 2

“How to Win Friends and Influence People” written by Dale Carnegie The primary publish of this book was in 1937, with only five thousand limited edition. But due to its quality, this book has been releasing a new version after a new version. Reading through this influential book, we face one important principle for each chapter. […]

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Career management and Development

The change in nature of jobs occur the people in the society. How does it occur us? Technological changes Affects us work style. We need to adapt to new technological changes in order to success in workplaces an`d interviews. Demographic changes The population of older people is growing, and less young people are getting hired. […]

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Personalities and individual differences

In every single society there are different individuals that have different personalities. They have different level of intelligence and they have different thoughts. Yes, everyone is different, and that is how companies pick their choice when hiring new employees. In interviews, Nature vs Nurture is important. Considering that nurtural decision are important when it becomes to […]

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Why should anyone be lead by you?

There are tremendous numbers of leaders around the world. There are successful ones and there are ones who are unsuccessful. The difference of them succeeding or not may be somewhat depending on the subordinates. But there are leaders who do not successfully cooperate with them and lead them to collapse. SO, what makes a good […]

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