Why should anyone be lead by you?

There are tremendous numbers of leaders around the world. There are successful ones and there are ones who are unsuccessful. The difference of them succeeding or not may be somewhat depending on the subordinates. But there are leaders who do not successfully cooperate with them and lead them to collapse.

SO, what makes a good leader? Currently, I am reading this book, “How to win Friends and  Influence people”. This written by Dale Carnigie teaches use how people should cooperate with each other. Even though the title says, “How to win friends” the plot has more connection to the principles for the leaders how to manage a decent relationship with their subordinates.

I believe reading this book will help you how to interact with other people in the workplaces. Looking above some principles might seem obvious, but some are really interesting. Because I have read this book, I am now ahead than people who has not read this book. Thus I have more understanding in how to interact with on and another comparing to the ones who has not read this book. Therefor I will decent relationship withsubordinates, so anyone should follow me.


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