Nuts, Bolts & Negotiations-HBR

This chapter depicts about how to invest negotiation, habits of effective negotiators, and how to adapt an implementation mindset. Giving out tips in each subtitle he explains how to develop negotiation skills.

 Investing negotiation

In the first part of the chapter it depicts five principle how to invest negotiation.

Principle 1: Don’t just discuss what your counterparts want – find out why they want.

Principle 2: Seek to understand and mitigate the other side’s constraints.

Principle 3: Interpret demands as opportunities

Principle 4: Create common ground with adversaries

Principle 5: Continue to investigate even after the deal appears to be lost.



Six Habits of merely Effective Negotiators 

In this chapter, it explains what you can do to avoid the mistakes the people make during negotiations.

  1. Neglecting your counterpart’s problem.
  2. Letting price bulldoze other interests.
  3. Failing to understand that conflicting positions on such as a positive working relationship
  4. Focusing solely on finding common ground.
  5. Failing to define your and your partner’s best independent alternatives if you can’t reach an agreement
  6. Neglecting to combat cognitive biases that can prompt errors, such as painting your side with positive qualities while vilifying your “opponents”.

By following the 6 tips you will be able to prevent the mistakes that you might have done without reading.Image result for Investing negotiation

Getting Past Yes: Negotiating as if implementation mattered

In this subchapter explains that deal’s value is not about the signature you got from the negotiation but after the negotiation started to implement in work. There are also tips provided in this subtopic. The tips provided is about, how to adapt an implementation mind-set.

  1. Start with end in mind.
  2. Help them prepare, too.
  3. Treat alignment as a shared responsibility
  4. Send one message.
  5. Manage neotiation.

By following all the tips provided in the whole chapter the negotiation skills will be stabled and the future mistakes will be prevented.



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