In fact, Motivation is one factor we need to have when working. Human needs the desire to actually make an act. To raise one’s motivation having a goal is a decent solution to solve when the one does not have the desire to do any work. Usually, when people work their desire is to earn money.

In the video, Dan Pink talks about the experience about human motivation. Mostly about the mechanism, reward-and-punishment approach. In the experience, there are two groups of people doing the same task that needs creativity to solve to problem. Sam Glucksberg, the scientist who was directing this experience, told to the first group that he will award the first few people who solved this problem fastest will get money rewarded. By Sam paying money to the fastest individuals who complete the task, we can assume that the group that will get awarded will have more motivation compared to the other group where they receive nothing. But the results was opposite the group that was told that they will earn money marked a 3 minute longer time compared to the other group. This result shows that the mechanism, the reward-and-punishment approach does not work efficiently within jobs that require creativities. Thus money isn’t always the best motivation factor.


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