Career management and Development

The change in nature of jobs occur the people in the society.

How does it occur us?

  • Technological changes
    • Affects us work style. We need to adapt to new technological changes in order to success in workplaces an`d interviews.
  • Demographic changes
    • The population of older people is growing, and less young people are getting hired. Because of the decline in the numbers of employees the amount of work that one needs to deal with increased.
    • More capacities required in one workplace.
  • Women’s  advance
    • 200million extra women workers 18.4 more percent, over the last ten years
  • the economic climate of globalization and also the competitiveness is increasing
    • The people work in more mobile and boundaryless job. Which means this requires the person to have more capacity in their capability to move around organization to organization.


Discrimination in workplaces

Even though the number of women taking place in work place increased there is still discrimination between gender. After the women climbs up the hierarchy to a certain point they face an invisible barrier called the glass ceiling, which stops them from getting in managerial level. The average women at managerial level is 20 to 40 percent.This number shows that there is still a glass ceiling in workplaces. Thus we need to keep on with the changing nature of workplaces, and improve the situation where gender discrimination is occuring in workplaces.


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