Relationships at Work

Presented by Katy Sweeney and Valerie Trisnadi

To make a positive relationship at workplace are highly dependant on the individual’s EQ. So what is EQ? To explain what EQ is we need to talk about the two abilities that human generally have. The two abilities that human being have are IQ(intelligence quotient) and EQ(emotional intelligence).

  • IQ
    •  Accomplishments
    • Skills and behaviours experience training
  • EQ
    • Self-awareness
    • Self-regulation
    • Social-skill
    • Empathy
    • Motivation

As we can see from the image below provides a data that people with high EQ are getting higher success rate in their job, than the people who has high IQ. The individuals intelligence has less

People who has high EQ knows the correct way to relate to others. The people who who has low EQ are most likely to communicate with poor non-verbal expression or a negative expression When we communicate with people, the information gathered from words that the opponent speak is actually only 7% from all the information that we gain during a conversation. We gain the other 93% of the information in non-verbal substances.

  • How we communicate
    • Verbal 7%
    • Para verbal 38% (how we say)
    • non-verbal expression and actions 55%


To know yourself more it will prevent problems occuring in work. To know yourself more the Johari window can be used. The Johari window follows the four particles bellow. Writing out the four particles will help the individual understand how they communicate with others, and what they share with others.

  1. open – known to self and to others
  2. blind- not known to self but known to others
  3. hidden – known to self but not to others
  4. unknown – not known to self or others


There are four types of human in work places. Know the person to follow, the person to be with, and know their standards!

  • I am ok, you are ok. POSITIVE. This guy will be a good leader.
  • I am ok, you are not ok. This guy is selfish watch out.
  • I am not ok, you are ok. Someone who has no confidences in their self.
  • I am not ok, you are not ok. NEGATIVE!!

Preventing conflict is an importing thing to do to structure a comfortable workplace. The often causes for the conflicts are stress and feeling. Having access to implement of harassment advisor is a way to prevent stress. Also making an atmosphere, so anyone can speak out with out fear.

  • causes
    • stress
    • feeling
  • Prevention
    • implement of harassment advisors
    • make it approachable,so people aren’t scared to speak out
  • Relationship issues
    • The ‘dark side’ of management

Dating at work is one releationship that an individual can structure at workplaces. There are both pros and cons from dating in workplaces.

  • pros
    • increasing motivation
    • improved communication
    • increased work satisfaction
  • cons
    • increased gossip
    • tarnished reputation
    • bias when making decisions
    • forced career changes
    • tension in the workplaces

The pros are mostly due to the self conditions and mental circumstances. On the other hand the cons are affecting the individual’s reputations. Thus, dating in workplaces are highly dependant on the individuals capacity to surrounding environment and personality.

By following the previous tactics you will more likely have a comfortable workplace.



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