What leaders really do

Due to John P. Kotter who is the Emeritus at Harvard Business School, there are different role in the company for management and leadership. The two roles management and leadership both are involved in deciding what needs to be done for the company, ensuring that work actually gets done and building connection with people to accomplish. What differs them is the way how the system of action goes.

“Management is about coping with complexity; it brings order and predictability to a situation. ”

“ Leadership, then, is about learning how to cope with rapid change.”

Excerpt From: Harvard Business Review. John P. Kotter.

Management is not enough to survive in the competitive world where tremendous number of companies compete with each other in the same category. Where leadership invent new style of business, idea and skills, leaders of the companies are expected to have leadership to survive.

What leaders actually do are to set directions, aline people, and motivate and inspire employees. These are mentioned in the previous blog post. If you have interest please read the blog with the title “What makes a leader”. Thus leaders are to show leadership and provide the company new direction to survive the competition, but there are also side action that are essential which are to inspire and motivate employees.



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