What makes a leader?

In this world of 2016 we have many companies in many different fields. But there are only few companies, which can success in the competition. I believe that the most important essential point are the leaders. This article is about how I believe a successful leader is structured.

The member of the companies expects the leader to make good decision and lead their company to success. This is the very last goal for the company, employees and the leader. People who come after the leader expects the leader to be the usher. Becoming a leader needs to have the ability to evaluate emotional intelligence. There are five types of skills within the evaluate emotional intelligence, which are self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skill. In order to become a successful leader these are the essential skills needed.

Especially I believe that self-awareness is a essential ability to become a successful leader. By understanding what you can do and what you can’t will prevent tremendous mistake in the future. Also by knowing what emotional intelligence skills you have and don’t have will provide a chance to acquisition the skills you do not have yet. Thus self-awareness is the most important skill that is needed.

A leader who cannot carry the crew will end up sinking in to the water called bankruptcy. But a leader who can carry the crew will become successful. Starting with developing self-awareness skills is the short cut to become a successful leader


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